restricted access   Volume 13, Issue 2, Summer 2006

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From: Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies

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Modern Condottieri in Iraq: Privatizing War from the Perspective of International and Human Rights Law

pp. 315-356

The Forgotten Threat: Private Policing and the State

pp. 357-389

Dependency by Law: Poverty, Identity, and Welfare Privatization

pp. 391-415

Symposium: La Conception Américaine de la Laïcité

University of Paris II (Panthéon-Assas)—Paris, France, January 28, 2005

Religious Expression and Symbolism in the American Constitutional Tradition: Governmental Neutrality, But Not Indifference

pp. 417-443

Secularization, Religiosity, and the United States Constitution

pp. 445-472

Religious Exemptions, Formal Neutrality, and Laïcité

pp. 473-492

Separation of Church and State in the United States: Lost in Translation?

pp. 493-502

Church and State in the United States: Competing Conceptions and Historic Changes

pp. 503-541

Why Religion in Politics Does Not Violate la Conception Américaine de la Laïcité

pp. 543-560

Laïcité in the United States or The Separation of Church and State in a Pluralist Society

pp. 561-594


Challenges for Private Sector Conservation: Sanderson's The Future of Conservation in Tierra del Fuego

pp. 595-615

Help for Hotspots: NGO Participation in the Preservation of Worldwide Biodiversity

pp. 617-643

Using Global Themes to Reframe the Bioprospecting Debate

pp. 645-671