restricted access   Volume 3, Number 3, Summer 2002 (New Series)

Table of Contents

From: Kritika: Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History

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Contributors to This Issue

pp. 573-574

From The Editors: New Journals in the New Russia

pp. 389-391

To the Editors

pp. 569-571

Forum: Russian Folk Art under Lenin and Stalin

From Peasants to Professionals: The Socialist-Realist Transformation of a Russian Folk Choir

pp. 393-425

From Periphery to Center: Palekh and Indigenization in the Russian Heartland

pp. 427-458


Humanizing Utopia: Paradoxes of Soviet Folk Art

pp. 459-471

Ex Tempore: Muscovite Despotism

The Truth about Muscovy

pp. 473-486

On Words, Sources, and Historical Method: Which Truth about Muscovy?

pp. 487-499

Muscovy as a Hypertrophic State: A Critique

pp. 501-507

Review Essays

Stalinism at War

pp. 509-520

World War II, Jews, and Post-War Soviet Society

pp. 521-531


Proto-Industrialisierung in Russland: Wirtschaft, Herrschaft und Kultur in Ivanovo und Pavlovo 1741-1932 (review)

pp. 533-536

Velikorusskii pakhar i osobennosti rossiiskogo istoricheskogo protsessa (review)

pp. 537-545

Russkii konservatizm XIX stoletiia: Ideologiia i praktika, and: Russischer Nationalismus und Offentlichkeit im Zarenreich 1855-1875, and: Reinventing Russia: Russian Nationalism and the Soviet State, 1953-1991, and: Russian Nationalism Since 1856: Ideology and the Making of Foreign Policy (review)

pp. 546-553

Sovetskie upravlentsy 1917-1920 gg. (review)

pp. 554-557

Serp i rubl: Konservativnaia modernizatsiia v SSSR, and: La faucille et le rouble: La modernisation conservatrice en URSS (review)

pp. 558-561

In Memoriam

Joseph S. Berliner, 1921-2001

pp. 563-568