restricted access   Volume 5, Number 2, 2006

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From: Journal of Latin American Geography

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Letter from the Editor

pp. 5-6

Actor-Management of Protected Areas and Ecotourism in Mexico

pp. 7-27

Cacao, Vanilla and Annatto: Three Production and Exchange Systems in the Southern Maya Lowlands, XVI-XVII Centuries

pp. 29-52

Las bases prehispánicas de la configuración territorial de la Provincia de Popayán en el periodo colonial

pp. 53-73

Cash Crops, Smallholder Decision-Making and Institutional Interactions in a Closing Frontier: Calakmul, Campeche, Mexico

pp. 75-90

Invasive Species and Land-Use: The Effect of Land Management Practices on Bracken Fern Invasion in the Region of Calakmul, Mexico

pp. 92-107

Technological Innovation and the Expansion of Mexico City, 1870-1920

pp. 109-126


Problem of Access to Land for Bolivian Horticultural Producers in the Transitional Zone of Western Greater Buenos Aires

pp. 127-131

Book Reviews

Political Ecology in a Yucatec Maya Community (review)

p. 133134

Chimneys in the Desert: Industrialization in Argentina during the Export Boom Years, 1870-1930 (review)

pp. 135-137

The End of Poverty: Economic Possibilities for Our Time (review)

pp. 137-139

Compartiendo historias de fronteras: Cuerpos, géneros, generaciones y salud (review)

pp. 140-141

Gendered Paradoxes: Women's Movements, State Restructuring, and Global Development in Ecuador (review)

pp. 141-143

Hispanic Spaces, Latino Places: Community and Cultural Diversity in Contemporary America (review)

pp. 143-144

Caribbean Rum: A Social and Economic History (review)

pp. 145-146