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From: History Workshop Journal

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pp. i-iii

Articles and Essays

Women and Wives: the Language of Marriage in Early Modern English Biblical Translations

pp. 1-27

Fear of Wood Shortage and the Reality of the Woodland in Europe, c.1450-1850

pp. 28-57

Limehouse Blues: Looking for 'Chinatown' in the London Docks, 1900-40

pp. 58-85

Feature: Sexual Politics in Mid Twentieth-Century Britain

Adultery in Post-war England

pp. 86-115

Middle-class Socialism: Selfhood, Democracy and Distinction in Wartime County Durham

pp. 116-141

The Heart in Exile: Detachment and Desire in 1950s London

pp. 142-163

Boys, Class and Gender: from Billy Casper to Billy Elliot

pp. 166-171

Feature: Remembering 1956

Three Days in Sèvres, October 1956

pp. 172-186

How Khrushchev Leaked his Secret Speech to the World

pp. 187-193

The Hungarian Uprising and a Young British Communist

pp. 194-199

Colchester, Oxford, Trafalgar Square

pp. 200-202

A Schoolboy's 'War'

pp. 203-204

Document: Minutes of the Oxford University Socialist Club Executive Committee, 17 October 1956 - 27 February 1957

pp. 205-213

Work in Progress

Which Women? What Europe? Josephine Butler and the International Abolitionist Federation

pp. 214-231

History on the Line

Jinnah and the Demise of a Hindu Politician?

pp. 232-240

Historic Passion


pp. 241-252

History at Large

Queer is Here? Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Histories and Public Culture

pp. 253-263


Echoes of Empire

pp. 264-278

Countesses and Courtesans

pp. 278-292

Urban Desires

pp. 292-300

Aboriginal Stories

pp. 300-304

Honour and Violence

pp. 304-310

Fields of Toil

pp. 310-318

Dead Circuses

pp. 318-325

Memory Studies

pp. 325-341

Report Back

Laboring Feminism and Gendering Working-Class History

pp. 342-344

Suffrage History Made in Huddersfield

pp. 344-346

The Home Front Project: a Year on the Road

pp. 346-350