restricted access   Volume 30, Number 2, October 2006

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From: Philosophy and Literature

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Eichmann, Empathy, and Lolita

pp. 311-328

Matter and Spirit in the Age of Animal Magnetism

pp. 329-345

The Puzzle of Fanny Price

pp. 346-360

Live or Tell

pp. 361-377

Practical Wisdom and Moral Imagination in Sense and Sensibility

pp. 378-394

Destruction and Transcendence in W. G. Sebald

pp. 395-409

Reading Our Way to Democracy? Literature and Public Ethics

pp. 410-423

The Implicit Soul of Charlie Kaufman's Adaptation

pp. 424-435

The Ancient Quarrel Revisited: Literary Theory and the Return to Ethics

pp. 436-449

Romantic Love: A Literary Universal?

pp. 450-470

Stanley Cavell and Criticizing the University from Within

pp. 471-483

The Causes of War and Peace

pp. 484-495

Symposium: Shakespeare

Wonder, Imagination, and the Matter of Theatre in The Tempest

pp. 496-511

Coward Conscience and Bad Conscience in Shakespeare and Nietzsche

pp. 512-527

"A Woman's Thought Runs Before Her Actions": Vows as Speech Acts in As You Like It

pp. 528-539

Motion and Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet

pp. 540-554

Notes and Fragments

The Tragic as an Ethical Category

pp. 555-561

Is Oedipus Smart?

pp. 562-566

The Germ of a Sense

pp. 567-579

Critical Discussions

Science Wars and Beyond

pp. 580-589

Fiction and Theory of Mind

pp. 590-600