restricted access   Volume 11, Number 2, June 2001

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From: Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal

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The Ethics of Medical Mistakes: Historical, Legal, and Institutional Perspectives

pp. 115-116

Mistakes as a Social Construct: An Historical Approach

pp. 117-133

Medical Malpractice, Mistake Prevention, and Compensation

pp. 135-146

Institutional Responses to Medical Mistakes: Ethical and Legal Perspectives

pp. 147-156

Honestly, Do We Need a Policy on Truth?

pp. 157-164

Guidelines for Disclosure and Discussion of Conditions and Events with Patients, Families and Guardians

pp. 165-168

Philosophy of Medicine: Should It Be Teleologically or Socially Constructed?

pp. 169-180

Setting Biomedical Research Priorities: Justice, Science, and Public Participation

pp. 181-204

Bioethics Inside The Beltway

Banning Human Cloning--Then What?

pp. 205-209

Teaching Resources in Bioethics Update

pp. 211-218


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