restricted access   Volume 45, Number 2, Fall 2006

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From: Asian Perspectives

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The Occurrence of Cereal Cultivation in China

pp. 129-158

Craft Production and Social Change in Mumun Pottery Period Korea

pp. 159-187

Archaeology and Archaeozoology of Phum Snay: A Late Prehistoric Cemetery in Northwestern Cambodia

pp. 188-211

Biological Responses to Change in Prehistoric Viet Nam

pp. 212-239

Characterizing the Stoneware "Dragon Jars" in the Guthe Collection: Chemical, Decorative, and Formal Patterning

pp. 240-282

Book Reviews

Current Research in Chinese Pleistocene Archaeology (review)

pp. 283-287

China before China: Johan Gunnar Andersson, Ding Wenjiang, and the Discovery of China's Prehistory (review)

pp. 287-290

Bulletin of the International Jomon Culture Conference, Vol. 1 2004 (review)

pp. 290-293

The Indus Civilization: A Contemporary Perspective (review)

pp. 293-295

Integrating Archaeology and Ethnohistory: The Development of Exchange between Yap and Ulithi, Western Caroline Islands (review)

pp. 295-299

Archaeological Investigations in the Mangareva Islands (Gambier Archipelago), French Polynesia (review)

pp. 299-303