restricted access   Volume 119, Number 473, Summer 2006

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From: Journal of American Folklore

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Angola Prison Art: Captivity, Creativity, and Consumerism

pp. 257-274

Guarding the Wild: Place, Tradition, Literature, and the Environment in the Work of a Cretan Folk Poet

pp. 275-300

Virtual and Reciprocal Ethnography on the Internet: The East Mims Oral History Project Website

pp. 301-311

Visiting the Six Worlds: Shamanistic Journeys in Canadian Mi'kmaq Cosmology

pp. 312-336

The Dordolec: Albanian House Dolls and the Evil Eye

pp. 337-355


Obituary: W.K. McNeil (1940-2005)

pp. 356-361

Sound Review

The Legacy of "Aunt Martha's Sheep": Political and Social Satire in the Newfoundland Recordings of Ellis and Wince Coles

pp. 362-369

Video Reviews

Il Maggio Emiliano: Ricordi, Riflessioni, Brani, and: Folk Theatre in Emilia/Teatro Popolare in Emilia: Il Maggio drammatico (review)

pp. 370-373

Exhibit Review

From Cambodia to Greensboro: Tracing the Journeys of New North Carolinians (review)

pp. 374-376


Information about Contributors

pp. 377-378