restricted access   Volume 78, Number 3, June 2006

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From: Human Biology

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Weinberg's Differential Rule Reconsidered

pp. 253-275

Combining Genetics and Population History in the Study of Ethnic Diversity in the People's Republic of China

pp. 277-293

Opportunity for Natural Selection and Gene Flow in an Isolated Zapotec-Speaking Community in Southern Mexico in the Throes of a Secular Increase in Size

pp. 295-305

North African Berber and Arab Influences in the Western Mediterranean Revealed by Y-Chromosome DNA Haplotypes

pp. 307-316

Pleiotropic QTL on Chromosome 12q23-q24 Influences Triglyceride and High-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol Levels: The HERITAGE Family Study

pp. 317-327

A Locus on Chromosome 13 Influences Levels of TAFI Antigen in Healthy Mexican Americans

pp. 329-339

Multiple QTLs Influence Variation in Paraoxonase 1 Activity in Mexican Americans

pp. 341-352

Radiographic Joint Space of the Knee in Healthy Young Adults

pp. 353-364

Brief Communications

Effect of ACP1*C on Early Life Viability

pp. 365-369

Further Data on a 9.1-kb Insertion-Deletion Polymorphism: Survey of Mediterranean Populations

pp. 371-378