restricted access   Volume 48, Number 3, Fall 2006

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From: Latin American Politics & Society

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pp. iii-iv


Competitive Institution Building: The PT and Participatory Budgeting in Rio Grande do Sul

pp. 1-31

Judicial Performance and the Rule of Law in the Mexican States

pp. 33-61

Minority Presidents and Democratic Performance in Latin America

pp. 63-92

A Desultory Defense of Democracy: OAS Resolution 1080 and the Inter-American Democratic Charter

pp. 93-123

Policy Gatekeepers in Latin American Legislatures

pp. 125-155

Drugs, Violence, and Development in Colombia: A Department-Level Analysis

pp. 157-184

Critical Debates

Memory and Method in the Emerging Historiography of Latin America's Authoritarian Era

pp. 185-198

Book Reviews

The Financing of Politics: Latin American and European Perspectives (review)

pp. 199-203

Learning from Foreign Models: Latin American Policy Reform (review)

pp. 203-208

Decentralizing the State: Elections, Parties, and Local Power in the Andes (review)

pp. 208-211

Fujimori's Coup and the Breakdown of Democracy in Latin America (review)

pp. 211-214