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From: Jewish Quarterly Review

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Language and the Jews

pp. 467-469


The Future of Yiddish -- in English: Field Notes from the New Ashkenaz

pp. 471-480

Orienting Language: Reflections on the Study of Arabic in the Yishuv

pp. 481-489

Jewish Use of Greek in the Middle Ages: Evidence from Passover Haggadoth from the Cairo Genizah

pp. 490-497

Asymmetric Fates: Secular Yiddish and Ladino Culture in Comparison

pp. 498-509

The Tangled Road to Legalization: The Admission of the German Language in Musical Performances in Israel

pp. 510-521

Yehuda Amichai's Old-New Words: Five Fragments and a Note

pp. 522-525


Embedded Midrashim in Samaritan Piyyutim

pp. 527-541

"They have ears, but do not hear": Gendered Access to Hebrew and the Medieval Hebrew-French Wedding Song

pp. 542-567

Review Essay

Recent Studies on the Jewish Northeastern Neo-Aramaic Dialects

pp. 569-577

The Limits of Translation

pp. 578-590

From an Old World to a New Language: Eastern European-Born Israeli Women's Writing in Hebrew

pp. 591-601

New Approaches to Modern Yiddish Culture

pp. 603-608



pp. 609-610

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