restricted access   Volume 7, Number 4, December 1997

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From: Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal

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Special Issue: Ethical Challenges In Managed Care


pp. vii-x


Managed Care at the Bedside: How Do We Look in the Moral Mirror?

pp. 321-330

What Care Should Be Covered?

pp. 331-336

The Politics, Economics, and Ethics of "Appropriateness"

pp. 337-343

State Regulation of Managed Care: Fragments of Reform

pp. 345-351

Managed Care: How Economic Incentive Reforms Went Wrong

pp. 353-360

Personal Privacy in the Health Care System: Employer-Sponsored Insurance, Managed Care, and Integrated Delivery Systems

pp. 361-376

Managed Care and Informed Consent

pp. 377-379

Managed Care, Medical Privacy, and the Paradigm of Consent

pp. 381-386

Who Should Manage Care? The Case for Providers

pp. 387-389

Who Should Manage Care? The Case for Patients

pp. 391-401

Conscience and Conscientious Actions in the Context of MCOs

pp. 403-411

Institutional Identity, Integrity, and Conscience

pp. 413-419


Ethical Issues in Managed Care

pp. 421-426


p. vi