Volume 17, Number 1, 2005

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From: Canadian Journal of Women and the Law

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pp. i-v

The First Editorial/Le premier editorial

pp. vii-x

Articles / Articles

"Pleasing Appearance. . . Only Adds to the Danger": The 1930 Insanity Hearing of Violet Hypatia Bowyer

pp. 1-13

Defining Moments for Women as Lawyers: Reflections on Numerical Gender Equality

pp. 15-25

Les femmes juges feront-elles veritablement une difference? Reflexions sur leur presence depuis vingt ans a la Cour supreme du Canada

pp. 27-39

Through My Eyes: Lessons on Life in Law School

pp. 41-44

Section 28 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms : A Purposive Interpretation

pp. 45-70

Granovsky v. Canada (Minister of Employment and Immigration) : Adding Insult to Injury?

pp. 71-85

Causation, Common Sense, and the Common Law: Replacing Unexamined Assumptions with What We Know about Male Violence against Women or from Jane Doe to Bonnie Mooney

pp. 87-116

Troubling the Definition of Pornography: Little Sisters, a New Defining Moment in Feminists' Engagement with the Law?

pp. 117-133

When "Feminist Beliefs" Became Credible as "Political Opinions": Returning to a Key Moment in Canadian Refugee Law

pp. 135-150

The Promise of Brooks v. Canada Safeway Ltd : Those Who Bear Children Should Not Be Disadvantaged

pp. 151-159

Sommes-nous dignes? L'egalite et l'arret Gosselin

pp. 161-176

Valuing Women's Work in the Home: A Defining Moment

pp. 177-195

Progres ou recul: reflexions sur l'accessibilite a la justice pour les victimes de harcelement sexuel au travail au Quebec

pp. 197-217

Priggish, Pitiless, and Punitive or Proud, Passionate, and Purposeful? Dichotomies, Sexual Harassment, and "Victim-Feminism"

pp. 219-232

Book Reviews

What Work of Feminist Legal Scholarship Over the Past Twenty Years Has Been Influential or Important to You, and Why?

pp. 233-243

Chroniques Bibliographiques

Remembering Favourite Feminist Legal Scholarship

pp. 243-270


About the Contributors/Quelques mots sur nos collaboratrices

pp. 271-274