restricted access   Volume 18, Number 3, Spring 2006

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From: Eighteenth Century Fiction

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pp. iv-v


Mourning and Material Culture in Eliza Haywood's The History of Miss Betsy Thoughtless

pp. 281-304

Identifying Foreign Bodies: New Philosophers and Hottentots in Elizabeth Hamilton's Memoirs of Modern Philosophers

pp. 305-327

The Silence of Miss Lambe: Sanditon and Contextual Fictions of "Race" in the Abolition Era

pp. 329-353

"Belonging to No/body": Mary Robinson, The Natural Daughter, and Rewriting Feminine Identity

pp. 355-372


Child Murder and British Culture 1720-1900 (review)

pp. 373-375

Original Subjects: The Child, the Novel, and the Nation (review)

pp. 375-377

Le Sentimentalisme Russe. Revue des etudes slaves. Tome 74, fascicule 4 (review)

pp. 377-380

Locus in Fabula: La topique de l'espace dans les fictions francaises d'Ancien Regime (review)

pp. 380-382

Charles Brockden Brown's Revolution and the Birth of American Gothic (review)

pp. 383-385

Les Experiences romanesques de Prevost apres 1740 (review)

pp. 385-389

Clarissa's Narrators, and: Autonomous Voices: An Exploration of Polyphony in the Novels of Samuel Richardson (review)

pp. 390-392

A Known Scribbler: Frances Burney on Literary Life, and: The Early Journals and Letters of Fanny Burney, vol. 4, The Streatham Years, part 2, 1780-1781 (review)

pp. 392-395

Candide ou l'Optimisme, and: Voltaire et sa "grande amie": Correspondance complete de Voltaire et de Mme Bentinck (1740-1778) (review)

pp. 396-398

A Serious Proposal to the Ladies, and: An Essay on the Art of Ingeniously Tormenting (review)

pp. 398-402

The Story of the Marquise-Marquis de Banneville, and: Histoire de la Marquise-Marquis de Banneville (review)

pp. 402-404