restricted access   Number 11, Spring 5766/2006

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From: Nashim: A Journal of Jewish Women's Studies & Gender Issues

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Special Issue: Yemenite Jewish Women

Guest Editor: Nitza Druyan


pp. 5-10

The Bride's Henna Ritual: Symbols, Meanings and Changes

pp. 11-42

Marriage and Divorce Customs in Yemen and Eretz Israel

pp. 43-83

Ma Khabar and Qussat Ḥannah : A Gendered Reading of Two Stories in the Culture of Yemenite Jewish Women

pp. 84-104

Metamorphosis through Philanthropy: Yemenite Women in New York

pp. 105-125

Women Resisting Men: Inheritance and Disinheritance in the Yemenite Jewish Community in Mandatory Palestine

pp. 126-141

Who's the Fairest of Them All? Women, Womanhood, and Ethnicity in Zionist Eretz Israel

pp. 142-163

Orientalism, the Body, and Cultural Politics in Israel: Sara Levi Tanai and the Inbal Dance Theater

pp. 164-197

Between Lulu and Penina: The Yemenite Woman, Her Jewelry, and Her Embroidery in the New Hebrew Culture

pp. 198-223

Resident Artist:

A Profile of Artist Michal (Miki) Kehati, Yemenite / Israeli Citizen of the World

pp. 224-235

Why, Why, O My Beloved: A Wife's Rebuke to Her Husband Who Took a Rival Wife

pp. 236-237

Five Poems: No More Important Men, and: Dish, and: I Came to You, and: When I Grow Up, and: Primitrivial

pp. 238-243

Unraveling the Yarn: Intertexuality, Gender, and Cultural Critique in the Stories of Dvora Baron

pp. 244-279


Sarah Laughed: Modern Lessons from the Wisdom and Stories of Biblical Women (review)

pp. 280-284


Contributors to This Issue

pp. 287-290