restricted access   Volume 41, Number 2, 2006

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From: Latin American Research Review

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Sources of Finance and Reputation: Merchant Finance Groups in Argentine Industrialization, 1890-1930

pp. 3-30

Representing "Real Indians": The Challenges of Indigenous Authenticity and Strategic Constructivism in Ecuador and Bolivia

pp. 31-56

Coping with the Free Market City: Collective Action in Six Latin American Cities at the End of the Twentieth Century

pp. 57-83

Women and Welfare: The Politics of Coping with New Social Risks in Chile and Uruguay

pp. 84-111

Earning a Living: A History of Real Wage Studies in Twentieth-Century Mexico

pp. 112-138

Research Report and Notes

A Tale of Two Translation Programs: Politics, the Market, and Rockefeller Funding for Latin American Literature in the United States during the 1960s and 1970s

pp. 139-164

Una idea muy precaria: El nuevo servicio civil y los viejos designados politicos en Argentina

pp. 165-182

Regime Type, Rights, and Foreign Direct Investment in Latin America: A Brief Comment

pp. 183-186

Review Essays

Gender and Sexuality in Las Americas

pp. 187-198

Cultural Politics and the Politics of Culture in Puerto Rico and Cuba: Recent Studies on Their Literature, Culture, and Society

pp. 199-212

Crime and Citizen Security in Latin America: The Challenges for New Scholarship

pp. 213-227

Reforming Higher Education in Latin America: Policy and Practice

pp. 228-246

Ethnic Movements and Citizenship in Ecuador

pp. 247-259

Comparing Failed Revolutions: Recent Studies on Colombia, El Salvador, and Chiapas

pp. 260-268

Beyond Judicial Reform: Courts as Political Actors in Latin America

pp. 269-280


Notes on the Contributors

pp. 285-288



p. 288