restricted access   Volume 54, Number 4, Spring 2006

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From: Library Trends

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pp. 485-487

Dual Use Libraries: Guidelines for Success

pp. 488-500

Libraries Like No Others: Evaluating the Performance and Progress of Joint Use Libraries

pp. 501-518

What Makes a Joint Use Library a Community Library?

pp. 519-534

Joint Use Libraries as Successful Strategic Alliances

pp. 535-548

Just Collaboration or Really Something Else? On Joint-Use Libraries and Normative Institutional Change with Two Examples from Sweden

pp. 549-568

Building the Beginnings of a Beautiful Partnership

pp. 569-580

Changing Places: Personnel Issues of a Joint Use Library in Transition

pp. 581-595

Health Libraries as Joint Use Libraries: Serving Medical Practitioners and Students

pp. 596-606

Organizing Electronic Information to Serve the Needs of Health Practitioners and Customers

pp. 607-619

Joint Use Libraries: Implementing a Pilot Community/School Library Project in a Remote Rural Area in South Africa

pp. 620-639


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