restricted access   Volume 11, Number 2, Summer 2006

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From: Israel Studies

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Land Disputes Between the Negev Bedouin and Israel

pp. 1-22

State Commission of Inquiry into the Events of October 2000: A Retrospective: Introduced by Elie Rekhess

pp. 23-25

The Report by the State Commission of Inquiry into the Events of October 2000

pp. 25-53

Views by "the Other"

A Hesitant Dialogue With 'The Other': The Interactions of Arab Intellectuals With the Israeli Culture

pp. 54-74

Stereotypes and Prejudice in Conflict: Representations of Arabs in Israeli-Jewish Society (review)

pp. 75-80

The International Self: Psychoanalysis and the Search for Israeli-Palestinian Peace (review)

pp. 81-87


The Spymaster, the Communist, and Foxbats over Dimona: the USSR's Motive for Instigating the Six-Day War

pp. 88-130

Litigation as Political Participation

pp. 131-157


Arrows in the Dark: David Ben-Gurion, the Yishuv Leadership, and Rescue Attempts during the Holocaust (review)

pp. 158-161

Israel, Diaspora, and the Routes of National Belonging (review)

pp. 162-167

Film Review

Spielberg's Munich, Ethics and Israel

pp. 168-171



pp. 172-174