restricted access   Volume 43, Number 2, May 2006

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From: Demography

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Unmarried Cohabitation and Union Stability: Testing the Role of Diffusion Using Data From 16 European Countries

pp. 203-221

Marriage or Dissolution? Union Transitions Among Poor Cohabiting Women

pp. 223-240

The Rising Share of Nonmarital Births: Fertility Choice or Marriage Behavior?

pp. 241-253

Gendering Family Composition: Sex Preferences for Children and Childbearing Behavior in the Nordic Countries

pp. 255-267

Sex Preferences and Fertility in South Korea During the Year of the Horse

pp. 269-292

Reproductive Health and Domestic Violence: Are the Poorest Women Uniquely Disadvantaged?

pp. 293-307

The Foster Care Crisis: What Caused Caseloads to Grow?

pp. 309-335

Unhealthy Assimilation: Why Do Immigrants Converge to American Health Status Levels?

pp. 337-360

Foreign-Born Emigration: A New Approach and Estimates Based on Matched CPS Files

pp. 361-382

Reassessing Racial and Socioeconomic Disparities in Environmental Justice Research

pp. 383-399