restricted access   Volume 26, Number 1, Winter-Spring 2006

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From: SAIS Review of International Affairs

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pp. 1-2

Theory and Practice

International Borders: What They Are, What They Mean, and Why We Should Care

pp. 3-10

Contingent Sovereignty, Territorial Integrity and the Sanctity of Borders

pp. 11-24

Of Note: Broken Borders

pp. 25-26

Iraq and its Borders

Old Boundaries for a New State: The Creation of Iraq's Eastern Question

pp. 27-39

Iraq and the Problem of Border Security

pp. 41-47

More Borders, Less Conflict? Partition as a Solution to Ethnic Civil Wars

pp. 49-61

Of Note: Geography and Oil Politics in Iraq

pp. 63-64

Conflicts and Challenges

Seizing the Moment in Kashmir

pp. 65-78

China's "Caribbean" in the South China Sea

pp. 79-92

The Stalemate North of Hokkaido

pp. 93-108

Of Note: No Borders, No Problem: Why the Lack of a Legal Framework in the Caspian Sea Is Not Affecting Energy Exploration

pp. 109-110

Borders, Conflict, and Security in the Caucasus: The Legacy of the Past

pp. 111-125

Of Note: Cross-Border Education

pp. 127-129

Brides, Bruises and the Border: The Trafficking of North Korean Women into China

pp. 131-141

Of Note: Wildlife Trafficking in Southeast Asia

pp. 143-145

Turkey's Accession to the European Union: Debating the Most Difficult Enlargement Ever

pp. 147-160

Of Note: Final Status for Kosovo: Beyond Talking

pp. 161-162

Beyond the Bounds of Earth: A Debate on Weapons in Space

A Debate About Weapons in Space: For U.S. Military Transformation and Weapons in Space

pp. 163-175

A Debate About Weapons in Space: Against A New Cold War?

pp. 175-188

Of Note: The Battle for Celestial Property Rights

pp. 189-191


Russia in the Age of Putin

pp. 193-196

Making the Case for Soft Power

pp. 197-200

Voices of Soldiers, Echoes of Empire

pp. 201-204

In Memoriam

A Pillar of the School

pp. 206-208