restricted access   Volume 75, Number 2, Spring 2006

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From: University of Toronto Quarterly

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Talking with Ghosts: Haunting in Canadian Cultural Production

pp. 645-655

Spectres of Canada: Image, Text, Aura, Nation

pp. 656-672

Ghost-National Arguments

pp. 673-692

The Impossible Afterlife of George Cartwright: Settler Melancholy and Postcolonial Desire

pp. 693-717

Ghost of a Chance: John Steffler's The Afterlife of George Cartwright and the Meaning of History

pp. 718-726

Haunted Prairie: Aboriginal 'Ghosts' and the Spectres of Settlement

pp. 727-734

'It Takes More Than Mortality to Make Somebody Dead': Spectres of History in Margaret Sweatman's When Alice Lay Down with Peter

pp. 735-751

Shadows in the Soul: Racial Haunting in the Poetry of Duncan Campbell Scott

pp. 752-770

Haunting Physicality: Corpses, Cannibalism, and Carnality in Margaret Atwood's Alias Grace

pp. 771-783

Searching for the Door way : Dionne Brand's Thirsty

pp. 784-800

Learning to Talk with Ghosts: Canadian Gothic and the Poetics of Haunting in Eden Robinson's Monkey Beach

pp. 801-813