restricted access   PAJ 83 (Volume 28, Number 2), May 2006

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From: PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art

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Who's There?--Community of the Question

pp. 1-12

Lysistrata on the Arabic Stage

pp. 13-18

Ghada Amer: Interviewed by Marina Kotzamani

pp. 18-26

Peace of Women

pp. 26-29

In the Very Presence of Your Enemies: A Feminine Eye for the Stiff Arab Guy?

pp. 30-32

How Fares Lysistrata Today?

pp. 32-34


pp. 34-36


pp. 36-38

Tayeb Saddiki: Interviewed by Marina Kotzamani

pp. 38-41

Working Downtown

pp. 42-60

New Old Times in the Balkans: The Search for a Cultural Identity

pp. 61-74

Art & Performance Notes

Dancing Against War

pp. 75-79

Seeing Double: Eleanor Antin's Roman Allegories

pp. 80-88

Television Will Be the End of War: Staging Broadcasting History

pp. 89-94

Data Bodies and the Awesome Apparatus of Technology

pp. 95-102

Books & Company

Writing Theatre History: New European Perspectives: I History and Theatre

pp. 103-106

II Politics and Theatre

pp. 107-109