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From: History Workshop Journal

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Editorial Introduction

p. 1

Feature: Black Arts

Black Diaspora Artists in Britain: Three 'Moments' in Post-war History

pp. 1-24

Black Arts in the Maelstrom

pp. 25-30

Articles and Essays

A Dreadful Heritage: Interpreting Epidemic Disease at Eyam, 1666-2000

pp. 31-56

Marriage at the Drop of a Hat: Housing and Partnership in South Africa's Urban African Townships, 1920s-1960s

pp. 57-76

Sex, Politics and Morality in France, 1954-1982

pp. 77-102

On the History of Man-made Destruction: Loss, Death, Memory, and Germany in the Bombing War

pp. 103-134

The 'Shock' of Torture: a Historiographical Challenge

pp. 135-152

Rethinking the English Revolution


pp. 153-155

Rethinking Political Liberty

pp. 156-170

The English People and the English Revolution Revisited

pp. 171-182

Thinking about Allegiance in the English Civil War

pp. 183-191

A 'lunatick revolter from loyalty': the Death of Rowland Wilson and the English Revolution

pp. 192-204

Historians in the Streets

Historians in the Streets

p. 207

Cobb's Ixelles a Quarter Century On

pp. 206-213

Searching for Emily Hahn on the Streets of St Louis

pp. 214-221

History on the Line

East Timorese History after Independence

pp. 222-237

History at Large

Turks: a Journey of a Thousand Years, 600-1600

pp. 238-242

Historic Passion

Flying Words

pp. 243-248


Astronomical Ambition

pp. 249-255

Cheap Reads?

pp. 255-263

Anomalous Females

pp. 264-267


pp. 267-271

Owning Beauty

pp. 271-275

Psyche and Clio

pp. 276-281

Esoteric Selves and Magical Minds

pp. 281-287

Metropolitan Savages

pp. 287-291

Report Back

Enabling the Past: New Perspectives in the History of Disability

pp. 292-295

Using the War: Changing Memories of World War Two

pp. 295-298

Tourism and the History of Transport, Traffic and Mobility

pp. 298-299

Comparing Europe's Post-war Reconstructions: First Balzan Workshop

pp. 299-304


Remembering Andre Gunder Frank

pp. 305-306