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From: College Literature

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Muriel Rukeyser Goes to War: Pragmatism, Pluralism, and the Politics of Ekphrasis

pp. 1-29

Advanced, Repressed, and Popular: Langston Hughes During the Cold War

pp. 30-51

Choirs and Split Voices: Female Identity Construction in Lorrie Moore's Who Will Run the Frog Hospital?

pp. 52-69

Tenure and its Denial: Facing the Winter Years and Beyond

pp. 70-83

Special Focus Section: Conjoining Literature and Linguistics

Introduction: Conjoining Linguistics and Literature

pp. 85-90

Metrical Complexity in Christina Rossetti's Verse

pp. 91-114

Cohesion in the Novels of Alex La Guma: A Dialogic Analysis

pp. 115-134

Beyond a Comparison of Two Distinct Things; or, What Students of Literature Gain from a Cognitive Linguistic Approach to Metaphor

pp. 135-153

Embracing A New Creed: Lexical Patterning and The Encoding Of Ideology

pp. 154-170

Review Essays

Reading Traumatically and Representing the Real in Collective Suffering

pp. 172-183

Book Reviews

Take Back Higher Education: Race, Youth, and the Crisis of Democracy in the Post Civil-Rights Era (review)

pp. 185-187

Crossing Borderlands: Composition and Postcolonial Studies (review)

pp. 188-191

Rockin' las Americas: The Global Politics of Rock in Latin/o America (review)

pp. 192-194

Milton and the Rhetoric of Zeal (review)

pp. 194-198

The Collected Poems of Muriel Rukeyser (review)

pp. 199-201


Books Received October 16, 2005 to January 15, 2006

pp. 203-204