restricted access   Volume 49, Number 2, Spring 2006

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From: Perspectives in Biology and Medicine

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Medicinal Mushrooms and Cancer Therapy: translating a traditional practice into Western medicine

pp. 159-170

Inflammatory Bowel Disease: maladaptation of the vigilant genotype in a hyper-clean world?

pp. 171-177

Placebo, Meaning, and Health

pp. 178-198

The Prescriber as Moralist: values in the antidepressant debate

pp. 199-208

Dr. Arthur Conan Doyle and the Case of Congenital Syphilis

pp. 209-219

A Clinical Alternative to the Public Health Approach to Mental Illness: a forgotten social experiment

pp. 220-237

Strong Inference: rationale or inspiration?

pp. 238-250

Investigating the Barons: narrative and nomenclature in Munchausen syndrome

pp. 250-262

Beyond the Physician Charter: reflections on medical professionalism

pp. 263-275

Culture and Society

Medicine in the Age of " Ulysses ": James Joyce's portrait of life, medicine, and disease on a Dublin day a century ago

pp. 276-285

Essay Reviews

The Making of Environmental Law (review)

pp. 286-293

The Case of the Female Orgasm (review)

pp. 294-298

Book Reviews

Models: The Third Dimension of Science (review)

pp. 299-303

War Hospital: A True Story of Surgery and Survival (review)

pp. 303-304

The Nature of Scientific Evidence: Statistical, Philosophical, and Empirical Considerations (review)

pp. 305-308

Epidemiology and Culture (review)

pp. 308-311

The Epistemology of Development, Evolution, and Genetics: Selected Essays (review)

pp. 311-313

The Optimist: Meditations on Medicine: Collected Essays, 1994-2003 (review)

pp. 313-315