restricted access   Volume 150, Number 5, Winter 2005/2006

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From: American Annals of the Deaf

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Behavior Change in a Student With a Dual Diagnosis of Deafness and Pervasive Development Disorder: A Case Study

pp. 401-407

Deaf Clients' Perceptions of Counseling Expertise as a Function of Counselors' Signing Skill, Gender, and Therapy Type

pp. 408-414

Education of the Deaf in Australia and Norway: A Comparative Study of the Interpretations and Applications of Inclusion

pp. 415-426

The Effect of Multimedia Stories About American Deaf Celebrities on Taiwanese Hearing Students' Attitudes Toward Job Opportunities for the Deaf

pp. 427-432

Administrators' Ratings of Competencies Needed to Prepare Preservice Teachers

pp. 433-442

An Examination of the Evidence-Based Literacy Research in Deaf Education

pp. 443-456

Deaf Education in China: History, Current Issues, and Emerging Deaf Voices

pp. 457-469

Views From the Field: Program Directors' Perceptions of Teacher Education and the Education of Students Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

pp. 470-479


Education of the Deaf and General Motors

pp. 399-400

2005/2006 Annual Index

pp. 480-484


p. 485