restricted access   Volume 12, Issue 2, Summer 2005

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From: Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies

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Fighting Terrorism

pp. 379-390


The Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe and the Democratic Legitimacy of the European Union

pp. 391-408

Back to Government? The Pluralistic Deficit in the Decisionmaking Processes and Before the Courts
University of Trento, Italy June 11-12, 2004


Back to Government? The Pluralistic Deficit in the Decisionmaking Processes and Before the Courts

pp. 409-413

Part I: Legislation

American Constitutional Fantasies: Escape from Difference Through Escape from Government

pp. 415-434

Back to Government? Reregulating British Railways

pp. 435-470

Bioethics and Law: Between Values and Rules

pp. 471-482

Comment: Autonomy and the Public-Private Distinction in Bioethics and Law

pp. 483-494

The Concept of Statutory Law in EU Perspective

pp. 495-509

Part II: Administration

Privatization, Prisons, Democracy, and Human Rights: The Need to Extend the Province of Administrative Law

pp. 511-550

Good Administration and Administrative Procedures

pp. 551-588

Administrative Procedures and Democracy: The Italian Experience

pp. 580-589

Functional Participation in EU Delegated Regulation: Lessons from the United States at the EU's "Constitutional Moment"

pp. 599-630

Part III: Courts

Access to U.S. Federal Courts as a Forum for Human Rights Disputes: Pluralism and the Alien Tort Claims Act

pp. 631-650

Taking Legal Pluralism Seriously: The Alien Tort Claims Act and the Role of International Law Before U.S. Federal Courts

pp. 651-666

The Functional Representation of the Individual's Interests Before the EC Courts: The Evolution of the Remedies System and the Pluralistic Deficit in the EC

pp. 667-710

Pluralist Deficit and Direct Claims to European Constitutional Courts

pp. 711-716


Reframing the Issue: AIDS as a Global Workforce Crisis and the Emerging Role of Multinational Corporations

pp. 717-743

"The Regulatory Grass is Greener": A Comparative Analysis of the Alien Tort Claims Act and the European Union's Green Paper on Corporate Social Responsibility

pp. 745-778