restricted access   Volume 21, Number 2, Spring 2006

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From: Hypatia

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Diotima and Demeter as Mystagogues in Plato's Symposium

pp. 1-27

The Unacknowledged Socrates in the Works of Luce Irigaray

pp. 28-44

On Treating Things as People: Objectification, Pornography, and the History of the Vibrator

pp. 45-61

A Defense of Stiffer Penalties for Hate Crimes

pp. 62-80

The Unaccountable Subject: Judith Butler and the Social Conditions of Intersubjective Agency

pp. 81-103

The Epistemological Significance of Psychic Trauma

pp. 104-125

Foucault Goes to Weight Watchers

pp. 126-149

Catharine Macaulay on the Paradox of Paternal Authority in Hobbesian Politics

pp. 150-173

The Spectacle of Violence: Homophobia, Gender, and Knowledge

The Book at a Glance

pp. 174-177

Experience, Embodiment, and Epistemologies

pp. 178-183

The Manifolds of Violences

pp. 184-195

Fear and Hope: Author's Response

pp. 196-206

Review Essay

Singing in the Fire: Stories of Women in Philosophy (review)

pp. 207-219

Book Notes

pp. 220-222


The L word and the F word

pp. 223-229


Notes on Contributors

pp. 230-232

Books Received

Books Received

p. 235