restricted access   Volume 12, Number 2, 2006

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From: GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies

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Special Issue: Art Works, Part 1

Guest Editor: Richard Meyer and David Román


pp. 167-169

Why Does Charlotte von Mahlsdorf Curtsy? Representations of National Queerness in a Transvestite Hero

pp. 171-196

Entre Nous: Between Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore

pp. 197-216

Caravaggio's Rednecks

pp. 217-236

"The Golden Age of Gay Porn": Nostalgia and the Photography of Wilhelm von Gloeden

pp. 237-258

Queer Plymouth

pp. 259-277

The GLQ Archive

AIDS Cluster: Twenty-five Years, 1981-2006

p. 279

Remembering AIDS: A Reconsideration of the Film Longtime Companion

pp. 281-301


pp. 303-317

Video Remains: Nostalgia, Technology, and Queer Archive Activism

pp. 319-328

Books in Brief

Appropriating Anxieties

pp. 329-331

Fuck the Future

pp. 332-334

Revising Men

pp. 335-337

The Creature from the Queer Lagoon

pp. 338-340

"After All, It Is Not the Child Who Believes in Something Called Development"

pp. 341-344

Psyche and Social Order

pp. 344-346


About the Contributors

pp. 347-348