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  Volume 62, Number 3, January 2006

Table of Contents

From: The Americas

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Special Issue: Translating Native Voices in Colonial Latin American History

Guest Editor: Susan Elizabeth Ramírez

Introduction: Lost--and Found--in Translation? The Practice of Translating, Interpreting, and Understanding the Past

pp. 305-312

The Chalcan Women's Song: Sex as a Political Metaphor in Fifteenth- Century Mexico

pp. 313-348

"What in the World Have You Done to Me, My Lover?: Sex, Servitude, and Politics among the Pre-Conquest Nahuas as Seen in the Cantares Mexicanos

pp. 349-389

The Ilhuica of the Nahua: Is Heaven Just a Place?

pp. 391-412

The Passion According to the Wooden Drum: The Doctrinal Appropriation of a Colonial Zapotec Ritual Genre in New Spain

pp. 413-444

Language and the "True Conversion" to the Holy Faith: A Document from the Archivium Romanus Societatis Iesu, Rome, Italy

pp. 445-453

Inter-American Notes

Inter-American Notes

p. 455

Books in Brief

Maria Sabina: Selections (review)

pp. 455-456

Beware the Great Horned Serpent! Chiapas under the Threat of Napoleon (review)

pp. 456-457

Memoria sobre el Nuevo Reino de Granada, 1803. A Report Concerning the Viceroyalty of New Granada (review)

p. 457

Vietnam Veteranos: Chicanos Recall the War (review)

p. 458

Book Reviews

From Liberal to Revolutionary Oaxaca: The View from the South, Mexico 1867-1911 (review)

pp. 459-461

Economic History

Reciprocidad imposible? La politica del comercio entre Mexico y Estados Unidos, 1857-1938 (review)

pp. 461-462

La fiscalidad: un observatorio para el historiador: Ensayo de historiografia sobre el porfiriato: 1867-1995, and: Crisis Fiscal: Reforma hacendaria y consolidacion del poder: Tres ensayos de historia economica del porfiriato (review)

pp. 462-464

Ethnohistory and Indigenous Politics

Salt of the Mountain: Campa Ashaninka History and Resistance in the Peruvian Jungle (review)

pp. 464-466

Somos como Incas: Autoridades tradicionales en los Andes (review)

pp. 466-467

Gender Studies

El deseo, enorme cicatriz luminosa: Ensayos sobre homosexualidades latinoamericanas (review)

pp. 467-468

White Slavery and Mothers Alive and Dead: The Troubled Meeting of Sex, Gender, Public Health and Progress in Latin America (review)

pp. 469-470

Latino and Border Studies

Catarino Garza's Revolution on the Texas-Mexico Border (review)

pp. 470-471

Continental Crossroads: Remapping U.S.-Mexico Borderlands History (review)

pp. 472-473

La Llorona's Children: Religion, Life, and Death in the U.S.-Mexican Borderlands (review)

pp. 474-475

Las Hermanas: Chicana/Latina Religious-Political Activism in the U.S. Catholic Church (review)

pp. 475-476

Mayas from Morgantown: Work and Community in the Nuevo New South (review)

pp. 477-478

Literary and Cultural Studies

Informal Empire: Mexico and Central America in Victorian Literature (review)

pp. 478-479

Romancing the Maya: Mexican Antiquity in the American Imagination, 1820-1915 (review)

pp. 480-481

Poesia concreta brasilena: las vanguardias en la encrucijada modernista (review)

pp. 481-483

Contemporary Theatre in Mayan Mexico: Death-Defying Acts (review)

pp. 483-484

The Cult of Bolivar in Latin American Literature (review)

pp. 484-485

Nation Building and Nationalism

Foundations of Despotism: Peasants, the Trujillo Regime, and Modernity in Dominican History (review)

pp. 486-487

Las redes intelectuales centroamericanos: un siglo de imaginarios nacionales (1820-1920) (review)

pp. 488-489

Measures of Equality: Social Science, Citizenship, and Race in Cuba, 1902-1940 (review)

pp. 489-490

Stringing Together a Nation: Candido Mariano da Silva Rondon and the Construction of a Modern Brazil, 1906-1930 (review)

pp. 491-492

Indian and Nation in Revolutionary Mexico (review)

pp. 492-494

Our Brazil Awake!: The Accao Integralista Brasileira and the Failed Quest for a Fascist Order in the 1930s (review)

pp. 493-494

Politics and Governance

That Disturbances Cease: The Journals of Don Diego de Vargas, New Mexico 1697-1700 (review)

pp. 495-496

Invencion del sistema politico mexicano: Forma de gobierno y gobernabilidad en Mexico en el siglo XIX (review)

pp. 497-498

Ambition, Federalism, and Legislative Politics in Brazil (review)

pp. 498-500

Political Culture in Nineteenth-Century Peru: The Rise of the Partido Civil (review)

pp. 500-501

Religion and Religious Pratices

Mary, Mother and Warrior: The Virgin in Spain and the Americas (review)

pp. 501-502

El cristianismo en el espejo indigena: Religiosidad en el occidente de la Sierra Gorda, siglo XVIII (review)

pp. 502-504

Horizons of the Sacred: Mexican Traditions in U.S. Catholicism (review)

pp. 504-505

Slavery and Diaspora Studies

Mastery, Tyranny, and Desire: Thomas Thistlewood and His Slaves in the Anglo-Jamaican World (review)

pp. 505-507

Urban Social History

Pobres, marginados y peligrosos (review)

pp. 507-508

Tools of Progress: A German Merchant Family in Mexico City, 1865-Present (review)

pp. 508-509

Espejos de la guerra fria: Mexico, America Central y el Caribe (review)

pp. 510-511

The U.S. Catholic Press on Central America: From Cold War Anticommunism to Social Justice (review)

pp. 511-512

U.S. Intervention and Regime Change in Nicaragua (review)

pp. 513-514

Documentary Films

Sacrificio: Who Betrayed Che Guevara? (review)

pp. 514-515

The Take (review)

pp. 515-516



pp. vi-vii

Research Areas


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