restricted access   Volume 18, Number 2, Fall 2005

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From: The Yale Journal of Criticism

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Special Issue: Countercultural Capital: Essays on the Sixties

Guest Editor: Sean McCann and Michael Szalay

A Message to Our Readers

pp. v-vi

Introduction: Paul Potter and the Cultural Turn

pp. 209-220

Past Using James Baldwin and Civil Rights Law in the 1960s

pp. 221-242

Learning from Little Tree: The Political Education of the Counterculture

pp. 243-267

Postmodern Supernaturalism: Ginsberg and the Search for a Supernatural Language

pp. 269-298

How the Conjure-Man Gets Busy: Cultural Nationalism, Masculinity, and Performativity

pp. 299-321

Shipwreck and Autonomy: Rawls, Riesman, and Oppen in the 1960s

pp. 323-349

Liberating Sade

pp. 351-379

"Total system, total solution, total apocalypse": Sex Oppression, Systems of Property, and 1970s Women's Liberation Fiction

pp. 381-407

"Going to Canada": The Politics and Poetics of Northern Exodus

pp. 409-433

Do You Believe in Magic? Literary Thinking after the New Left

pp. 435-468

The New Left before the Counter-Culture

pp. 469-470

Chants Demagogic

pp. 471-472

Cultural Politics and the Sociology of the University

pp. 473-478


Notes on Contributors

pp. 479-480