restricted access   Volume 44, Number 2, December 2005

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From: Oceanic Linguistics

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Reference to Motion Events in Six Western Austronesian Languages: Toward a Semantic Typology

pp. 307-340

Iconicity as Evidenced in Saisiyat Linguistic Coding of Causative Events

pp. 341-356


pp. 357-388

The Apicolabial Shift in Nese

pp. 389-403

Saisiyat as a Pitch Accent Language: Evidence from Acoustic Study of Words

pp. 404-426

Syntatic and Lexical Factors Conditioning the Diffusion of Sound Change

pp. 427-442

Unraveling the History of the Vowels of Seventeen Northern Vanuatu Languages

pp. 443-504


Syntax of Verbal Nouns in Marquesan

pp. 505-516

The Role of Phonological Predictability in Sound Change: Privileged Reduction in Oceanic Reduplicated Substrings

pp. 517-526

Word Order in New Guinea: Dispelling a Myth

pp. 527-536

Liver and Lungs: A Semantic Dyad in Austronesian Languages

pp. 537-543

Book Reviews

The Oceanic languages (review)

pp. 544-558

A study of valency-changing devices in Proto Oceanic (review)

pp. 559-563


Index of Languages in Volume 44

pp. 564-572