restricted access   Volume 22, Number 1&2, 2002

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From: Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East

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"Do Justice, Do Justice, For That is Paradise": Middle Eastern Advice for Indian Muslim Rulers

pp. 3-19

"Self-Sacrifice" versus "Self-Interest": A Non-Historicist Reading of the History of Women's Rights in India

pp. 20-35

Frequent Incompatibilities: Ethnic and Religious Diversity and the Nations of the Middle East

pp. 36-42

The Politics of Weak Control: State Capacity and Economic Semi-Formality in the Middle East

pp. 43-52

Nations, Nation-State and Politics of Muslim Identity in South Asia

pp. 53-58

The Postcolonial State and the Protection of Human Rights

pp. 59-75

Engendering Post-Colonial Nuclear Policies Through the Lens of Hindutva: Rethinking the Security Paradigm of India

pp. 76-89

Testing the Limits: The Poetics of Remaking

Pregnant with God: The Poetic Art of Mothering the Sacred In Rumi's Fihi Ma Fih

pp. 90-99

"I am the Nightingale of the Merciful": Rumi's Use of the Qur'an and Hadith

pp. 100-111

Amir Khusraw and the Genre of Historical Narratives in Verse

pp. 112-118

The Provincial Politics of Heresy and Reform in Qajar Iran: Shaykh al-Rais in Shiraz, 1895-1902

pp. 119-126


Azerbaijan Descending into the Third World After a Decade of Independence

pp. 127-139

Internet Access in Africa: A Critical Review of Public Policy Issues

pp. 140-144


Notes on Contributors

pp. 145-146