restricted access   Volume 49, Number 4 (T 188), Winter 2005

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Special Issue: Ta'ziyeh

Guest Editor: Peter J. Chelkowski

Islamic Performance and the Problem of Drama

pp. 5-10

Special Issue on Ta'ziyeh

From Karbala to New York City: Ta'ziyeh on the Move

pp. 12-14

Time Out of Memory: Ta'ziyeh, the Total Drama

pp. 15-27

Ta'ziyeh in France: The Ritual of Renewal at the Festival d'Automne

pp. 24-25

Ta'ziyeh in Parma

pp. 24-25

The Ta'ziyeh of the Martyrdom of Hussein

pp. 28-41

The Origins of the Sunnite-Shi'ite Divide and the Emergence of the Ta'ziyeh Tradition

pp. 42-47

Acting Styles and Actor Training in Ta'ziyeh

pp. 48-60

Peripheral Ta'ziyeh: The Transformation of Ta'ziyeh from Muharram Mourning Ritual to Secular and Comical Theatre

pp. 61-67

A View from the Inside: The Anatomy of the Persian Ta'ziyeh Plays

pp. 68-72

Karbala Drag Kings and Queens

pp. 73-85

Compelling Reasons to Sing: The Music of Ta'ziyeh

pp. 86-90

Ta'ziyeh as Theatre of Protest

pp. 91-99

Moses and the Wandering Dervish : Ta'ziyeh at Trinity College

pp. 100-112

Mohammad B. Ghaffari: Ta'ziyeh Director

pp. 113-129

Presenting Ta'ziyeh at Lincoln Center

pp. 124-125

Remembering Ta'ziyeh in Iraq

pp. 130-139

Ritual, Blood, and Shiite Identity: Ashura in Nabatiyya, Lebanon

pp. 140-155

From the Sun-Scorched Desert of Iran to the Beaches of Trinidad: Ta'ziyeh's Journey from Asia to the Caribbean

pp. 156-170

Critical Acts

Theatre for the Ballot: Campaigning with Street Theatre in India

pp. 171-182

Gregor Schneider and the Flattering Performance Installation

pp. 183-189


Over the Wall / After the Fall: Post-Communist Cultures through an East-West Gaze, and: The Spectacular City: Violence and Performance in Urban Bolivia (review)

pp. 190-192

Composing Ourselves: The Little Theatre Movement and the American Audience (review)

pp. 192-193

The Art Firm: Aesthetic Management and Metaphysical Marketing From Wagner to Wilson (review)

pp. 193-195

Speak It Louder: Asian Americans Making Music (review)

pp. 195-197

Bruce Nauman: Theaters of Experience, and: Bruce Nauman--Raw Materials (review)

pp. 197-199


TDR Volume 49 Index

pp. 200-206

The special section in T186 on 'Bill T. Jones: Dancing & Talking" was coguest edited by MJ Thompson and Michelle Dent. We apologize for our failure to note MJ Thompson as guest editor.