restricted access   Volume 16, Number 4 Supplement B, November 2005

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From: Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved

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Introduction: Reading HIV/AIDS and Criminal Justice Involvement in African Americans as a Consequence of Drug Abuse

pp. 1-5

Heroes and Great Ideas

Beny J. Primm, MD: Pioneer Physician, Educator, and Advocate for People with Addictions and HIV/AIDS

pp. 6-8

Part I: HIV/AIDS, Drug Abuse and Prevention

HIV-Positive Black Women with Histories of Childhood Sexual Abuse: Patterns of Substance Use and Barriers to Health Care

pp. 9-23

Disseminating HIV/AIDS Information to African Americans

pp. 24-37

What's Culture Got to Do with It? Prevention Programs for African American Adolescent Girls

pp. 38-47

Part II: The Criminal Justice System and Drug Abuse

How Criminal System Racial Disparities May Translate into Health Disparities

pp. 48-56

Racial Disparity and the Legitimacy of the Criminal Justice System: Exploring Consequences for Deterrence

pp. 57-77

The Building Resiliency and Vocational Excellence (BRAVE) Program: A Violence-Prevention and Role Model Program for Young, African American Males

pp. 78-88

Part III: The Intersection of HIV/AIDS and the Criminal Justice System

African American Female Drug Users and HIV Risk Reduction Challenges with Criminal Involvement

pp. 89-107

HIV Risk Behaviors, Knowledge, and Prevention Service Experiences Among African American and Other Offenders

pp. 108-128

Short-term Impact of an HIV Risk Reduction Intervention for Soon-to-be Released Inmates in Georgia

pp. 130-139

Black-White Disparities in HIV/AIDS: The Role of Drug Policy and the Corrections System

pp. 140-146


Workable Sisterhood: The Political Journey of Stigmatized Women with HIV/AIDS (review)

pp. 157-158

The Secret Epidemic: The Story of AIDS and Black America (review)

pp. 158-160