restricted access   Volume 21, Number 1, Winter 2006

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From: Hypatia

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Introduction: Maternal Bodies

pp. vii-ix

Feminists on the Inalienability of Human Embryos

pp. 1-14

Strange Anatomy: Gertrude Stein and the Avant-Garde Embryo

pp. 15-34

Reproductive Freedom, Self-Regulation, and the Government of Impairment in Utero

pp. 35-53

Adoption, ART, and a Re-Conception of the Maternal Body: Toward Embodied Maternity

pp. 54-73

13 short pieces, but not the whole [t]ruth

pp. 74-79

Promising Monsters: Pregnant Bodies, Artistic Subjectivity, and Maternal Imagination

pp. 80-100

Shame, Gender, Birth

pp. 101-118

"Like a Maternal Body": Emmanuel Levinas and the Motherhood of Moses

pp. 119-136

Contamination and Contagion: Environmental Toxins, HIV/AIDS, and the Problem of the Maternal Body

pp. 137-156

Ethics and Ideology in Breastfeeding Advocacy Campaigns

pp. 157-181

Parents and Children: An Alternative to Selfless and Unconditional Love

pp. 181-200

Adoptive Maternal Bodies: A Queer Paradigm for Rethinking Mothering?

pp. 201-226

Book Review

Why Privacy Isn't Everything: Feminist Reflections on Personal Accountability (review)

pp. 227-231


Miss Morals Speaks Out about Publishing

pp. 232-239


Notes on Contributors

pp. 240-242

Books Received

Books Received

p. 245