restricted access   Volume 42, Number 4, November 2005

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From: Demography

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Immigration and the American Century

pp. 595-620

Trends in Educational Assortative Marriage From 1940 to 2003

pp. 621-646

The Relationship Between Childbearing and Transitions From Marriage and Cohabitation in Britain

pp. 647-673

Did Fertility Go Up After the Oklahoma City Bombing? An Analysis of Births in Metropolitan Counties in Oklahoma, 1990-1999

pp. 675-692

Changes in Women's Postmarital Employment in Japan and Taiwan

pp. 693-717

Familial Obesity as a Proxy for Omitted Variables in the Obesity-Mortality Relationship

pp. 719-735

The Influence of Network Mortality Experience on Nonnumeric Response Concerning Expected Family Size: Evidence From a Nepalese Mountain Village

pp. 737-756

AIDS Mortality and the Mobility of Children in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

pp. 757-768

Do Conditional Cash Transfers Influence Migration? A Study Using Experimental Data From the Mexican PROGRESA Program

pp. 769-790

Temporal and Spatial Variation in Age-Specific Net Migration in the United States

pp. 791-812

Index: Demography, volume 42, numbers 1-4

pp. 816-818