restricted access   Volume 12, Number 4, Winter 2001

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From: Journal of Women's History

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Editor's Note

pp. 6-10

Abstracts of Books

pp. 222-231

Childhood, Youth, and the Female Life Cycle

Women's Life-Cycle Transitions in World-Historical Perspective: Comparing Marriage in China and Europe

pp. 11-21

Young Women in France and England, 1050-1300

pp. 22-46

The Adventures of Peanut and Bo: Summer Camps and Early-Twentieth-Century American Girlhood

pp. 47-76

Cultural Constructions of Age and Aging

"Aging": A Problematic Concept for Women

pp. 77-86

Greying in the Cloister: The Ursuline Life Course in Eighteenth-Century France

pp. 87-112

"Are Women. .. All Minors? Woman's Rights and the Politics of Aging in the Antebellum United States

pp. 113-137

Age and Generation in Women's History

Whose Mothers? Generational Difference, War, and the Nazi Cult of Motherhood

pp. 139-164

Is Feminism the Province of Old (or Middle-Aged) Women?

pp. 164-173

Contemporary Issues

Age, Gender, and Knowledge Revolutions in Africa and the United States

pp. 174-183

Older Women in Academia: Contemporary History and Issues

pp. 184-201

Book Reviews

Young and Single in the Middle Ages

pp. 202-204

Gender outside Marriage: Reconsidering Medieval Widowhood and Virginity

pp. 205-207

French Late-Style Femininity and American Feminism

pp. 208-211

Coming of Age: A Cultural Studies Approach to Aging

pp. 212-214

Looking Back, Thinking Ahead: Third Wave Feminism in the United States

pp. 215-221


pp. 234-236

Books Received

pp. 232-233