restricted access   Volume 17, Number 4, Winter 2005

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From: American Literary History

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A Note from the Editor

p. ii

The Shape of Baym's Career

pp. 646-652

Downwardly Mobile for Conscience's Sake: Voluntary Simplicity from Thoreau to Lily Bart

pp. 653-665

Raw, Ripe, Rot: Nineteenth-Century Pathologies of the American Aesthetic

pp. 666-686

Unlikely Kindred Spirits: A New Vision of Landscape in the Works of Henry David Thoreau and Asher B. Durand

pp. 687-713

A Narrative of the Interesting Origins and (Somewhat) Surprising Developments of African-American Print Culture

pp. 714-740

Teaching and "My Work"

pp. 741-752

In Honor of Nina Baym

Middlesex: What Men Like in Men

pp. 753-764

Liberalism, Democracy, and the Twentieth-Century American Theater

pp. 765-780

Geographical Acts: Place, Performance, and Pedagogy

pp. 781-793

Don't Know Much about (the History of) History

pp. 794-807

American Travel Revisited

pp. 808-817

Obits for the Fallen Hunter: Reading the Decline--and Death?--of Hunting in America

pp. 818-830

Roots, Breaks, and the Performance of a Black Left Critique

pp. 831-855

Fluent Worlds

pp. 856-868

Notes on Contributors

pp. 869-870