restricted access   Volume 8, 2005

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From: Book History

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Intertwining Strengths: Simon de Colines and Robert Estienne

pp. 1-10

Reforming Chaucer: Margins and Religion in an Apocryphal Canterbury Tale

pp. 11-36

Crossing Borders in Early Modern Europe: Sociology of Texts and Literature

pp. 37-50

The First American Tourist Guidebooks: Authorship and the Print Culture of the 1820s

pp. 51-74

John Limbird, Thomas Byerley, and the Production of Cheap Periodicals in the 1820s

pp. 75-106

Freethought Children's Literature and the Construction of Religious Identity in Late-Nineteenth-Century America

pp. 107-129

Florante at Laura and the History of the Filipino Book

pp. 131-197

Carefully Concealed Connections: The Ministry of Information and British Publishing, 1939-1946

pp. 197-226

The Politics of Postcolonial Publishing: Oxford University Press's Three Crowns Series 1962-1976

pp. 227-244

Middle America Meets Middle-Earth: American Discussion and Readership of J. R. R. Tolkien's Lord of The Rings, 1965-1969

pp. 245-286

Reassessing "Genius" in Studies of Authorship: The State of the Discipline

pp. 287-320


pp. 321-323