restricted access   Volume 48, Number 4, Autumn 2005

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From: Perspectives in Biology and Medicine

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Evidence Based Medicine: editors' overview and introduction

pp. 475-476

Looking for Rules in a World of Exceptions: reflections on evidence-based practice

pp. 477-489

From Autonomy to Accountability: the role of clinical practice guidelines in professional power

pp. 490-501

Evidence-Based Alternative Medicine?

pp. 502-515

The Randomized Controlled Trial: gold standard, or merely standard?

pp. 516-534

From Hierarchy to Network: a richer view of evidence for evidence-based medicine

pp. 535-547

Ethics, Evidence, and Public Policy

pp. 548-556

Beyond EBM: new directions for evidence-based public health

pp. 557-569

Evidence-Based Medicine: Watching Out for Its Friends

pp. 570-584


Science and Medicine

Lessons for the Stem Cell Discourse from the Gene Therapy Experience

pp. 585-591

History and Biography

The Osler-Cushing Covenant

pp. 592-602

Essay Review

Red Sky at Morning

pp. 603-611

Book Reviews

Against the Spirit of System: The French Impulse in Nineteenth-Century American Medicine (review)

pp. 612-615

The Doctor's Plague: Germs, Childbed Fever, and the Strange Story of Ignac Semmelweis (review)

pp. 616-618

The DOs: Osteopathic Medicine in America (review)

pp. 618-621

Strategic Ignorance: Why the Bush Administration Is Recklessly Destroying a Century of Environmental Progress (review)

pp. 621-625

Vulnerable Subjects: Ethics and Life Writing (review)

pp. 626-629

Editor's Note

Editors' Note

p. 630


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