restricted access   Number 18 (Volume 9, Number 2), September 2005

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From: Small Axe

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Special Issue: Profondes et nombreuses: Haiti, History, Culture, 1804-2004

Guest Editor: Elizabeth Walcott-Hackshaw and Martin Munro


pp. v-vii


Introduction: Reinterpreting the Haitian Revolution and Its Cultural Aftershocks

pp. viii-xiii

The Founding Myths of the Haitian Nation

pp. 1-15

The Theater of the Haitian Revolution / The Haitian Revolution as Theater

pp. 16-23

Dessalines in Historic Drama and Haitian Contemporary Reality

pp. 24-38

My Love Is Like a Rose: Terror, Territoire, and the Poetics of Marie Chauvet

pp. 40-51


When the Saints Go Marching By

pp. 52-56

Re-membering Défilée: Dédée Bazile as Revolutionary Lieu de Mémoire

pp. 57-85

Haitian and Dominican E/migration and the (Re)construction of National Identity in the Poetry of the Third Generation

pp. 86-103


On Mario Benjamin

pp. 104-108

Blending with Motifs and Colors: Haitian History Interpreted by Édouard Duval Carrié

pp. 109-123

The Sign of the Loa

pp. 124-149

Anténor Firmin and Jean Price-Mars: Revolution, Memory, Humanism

pp. 150-170


Kwa Bawon: A Video Installation

pp. 171-175

Master of the New: Tradition and Intertextuality in Dany Laferrière’s Pays sans chapeau

pp. 176-188

Roundtable: Writing, History, and Revolution

Roundtable: Writing, History, and Revolution

pp. 189-201



pp. 202-204



pp. 205-208