restricted access   Volume 46, Number 3, Summer 2004

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From: Criticism

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Special Issue: Extreme and Sentimental History

Guest Editor: Vanessa Agnew and Jonathan Lamb


pp. 323-324


Introduction: What Is Reenactment?

pp. 327-339

"What a Synoptic and Artificial View Reveals": Extreme History and the Modernism of W. G. Sebald's Realism

pp. 341-360

The Angel's Enigmatic Eyes, or The Gothic Beauty of Catastrophic History in W. G. Sebald's "Air War and Literature"

pp. 361-392

Ethnomasquerade in Ottoman-European Encounters: Reenacting Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

pp. 393-414

Strolling in Syria with William Biddulph

pp. 415-439

Saddle Time

pp. 441-458

Historiography as Reenactment: Metaphors and Literalizations of TV Documentaries

pp. 459-475

The Little Ship of Horrors: Reenacting Extreme History

pp. 477-486

The Use and Abuse of Historical Reenactment: Thoughts on Recent Trends in Public History

pp. 487-496

Reviews and Review Essays

The Sublime Triplets of Historical Consciousness

pp. 499-510

Some Avenues for Feeling

pp. 511-524