restricted access   Volume 25, Number 2, 2005

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From: Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East

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Special Issue: Retrospectives on the Iranian Constitutional Revolution, 1905-1909

Guest Editor: IHouri Berberian

Iran's Hostage Crisis: International Legitimacy Matters

pp. 273-278

Traversing Boundaries and Selves: Iranian-Armenian Identities during the Iranian Constitutional Revolution

pp. 279-296

Nineteenth-Century Qajar Women in the Public Sphere: An Alternative Historical and Historiographical Reading of the Roots of Iranian Women's Activism

pp. 297-317

A World Born through the Chamber of a Revolver: Revolutionary Violence, Culture, and Modernity in Iran, 1906-1911

pp. 318-340

Civil Liberties and the Making of Iran's First Constitution

pp. 341-359

Despots of the World Unite! Satire in the Iranian Constitutional Press: The Majalleh-ye Estebdad, 1907-1908

pp. 360-376

The Bakhtiyari Tribe in the Iranian Constitutional Revolution

pp. 377-398

The Tale of the Quchan Maidens as an "Originator" Event of the Constitutional Revolution

pp. 399-406


Reformation, Islam, and Democracy: Evolutionary and Antievolutionary Reform in Abrahamic Religions

pp. 407-437

Arabic Literary-Scientific Journals: Precedence for Globalization and the Creation of Modernity

pp. 438-448

The Issue of Discrimination in Indian Federalism in the Post-1977 Politics of West Bengal

pp. 449-464

Satire in Modern Afghanistan

pp. 465-479

Arab Women in Nizar Kabbani's Poetry

pp. 480-486

Being Palestinian in Israel: Identity, Protest, and Political Exclusion

pp. 487-499

Book Reviews

Track-II Diplomacy: Lessons from the Middle East (review)

pp. 500-501

Playing with Identities in Contemporary Music in Africa (review)

pp. 502-503

Islam and Democracy in the Middle East (review)

pp. 503-504

Screening Culture: Constructing Image and Identity (review)

pp. 504-505

Nation-Building, Propaganda, and Literature in Francophone Africa (review)

pp. 506-507

Afrique sur Seine: Une nouvelle generation de romanciers africains a Paris (review)

pp. 507-509

Broken Lives and Other Stories (review)

pp. 509-510

The Children of Africa Confront AIDS: From Vulnerability to Possibility (review)

pp. 510-511

Film Reviews

Edward Said: The Last Interview, and: Selves and Others: A Portrait of Edward Said, and: The Battle of Algiers (review)

pp. 512-514

Mrs. President: Women and Political Leadership in Iran (review)

pp. 514-515



pp. 516-517