restricted access   Volume 6, Number 3, September 2005

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From: Enterprise & Society

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Special Issue: Business History in Modern China

Guest Editor: Madeleine Zelin and Andrea McElderry

Guest Editors Introduction

pp. 357-363


The Business of Survival: Competition and Cooperation in the Shanghai Flour Milling Industry

pp. 364-394

Managing Market, Hierarchy, and Network: The Jiuda Salt Industries, Ltd., 1917-1937

pp. 395-418

Vertical Integration, Business Diversification, and Firm Architecture: The Case of the China Egg Produce Company in Shanghai, 1923–1950

pp. 419-451

Myth and Reality in Chinese Financial Cliques in 1936

pp. 452-491


Business History around the World (review)

pp. 492-495

The New Economic Sociology: A Reader (review)

pp. 495-497

Capitalism and Modernity: The Great Debate (review)

pp. 497-499

Information and Technology Policy: An International History (review)

pp. 499-501

The Management of Innovation (review)

pp. 501-504

Dhows and the Colonial Economy of Zanzibar, 1860-1970 (review)

pp. 504-506

From Cotton Mill to Business Empire: The Emergence of Regional Enterprises in Modern China (review)

pp. 506-508

The European Cable Companies in South America before the First World War (review)

pp. 508-510

Business Politics and the State in Twentieth-Century Latin America (review)

pp. 510-512

Bananas and Business: The United Fruit Company in Colombia, 1899-2000 (review)

pp. 512-514

Farm to Factory: A Reinterpretation of the Soviet Industrial Revolution (review)

pp. 514-516

The Strictures of Inheritance: The Dutch Economy in the Nineteenth Century (review)

pp. 516-518

Del monopolio al libre mercado: La historia de la industria petrolera espanola (review)

pp. 519-520

European Business, Dictatorship, and Political Risk, 1920-1945 (review)

pp. 521-522

Vom nationalen zum globalen Wettbewerb: Die deutsche und amerikanische Reifenindustrie im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert (review)

pp. 523-525

A Troublesome Commerce: The Transformation of the Interstate Slave Trade (review)

pp. 525-527

Forging America: Ironworkers, Adventurers, and the Industrious Revolution (review)

pp. 527-529

Public Markets and Civic Culture in Nineteenth-Century America (review)

pp. 529-531

Born Losers: A History of Failure in America (review)

pp. 531-533

Ready-Made Democracy: A History of Men's Dress in the American Republic, 1760-1860 (review)

pp. 533-535

Selling Style: Clothing and Social Change at the Turn of the Century (review)

pp. 536-538

A Token of My Affection: Greeting Cards and American Business Culture (review)

pp. 538-540

Sales and Celebrations: Retailing and Regional Identity in Western New York State, 1920-1940 (review)

pp. 540-541

An Economy of Abundant Beauty: Fortune Magazine and Depression America (review)

pp. 542-544

"Follow the Flag": A History of the Wabash Railroad Company (review)

pp. 544-546

Slaughterhouse Blues: The Meat and Poultry Industry in North America (review)

pp. 546-548

Industrial Strength Design: How Brooks Stevens Shaped Your World (review)

pp. 548-550

The Electric Guitar: A History of an American Icon (review)

pp. 550-552

Sports Capitalism: The Foreign Business of American Professional Leagues (review)

pp. 552-554

The Chemical Industry at the Millenium: Maturity, Restructuring, and Globalization (review)

pp. 555-556

Origins of the Crash: The Great Bubble and Its Undoing (review)

pp. 557-558