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ix Figures Figure 1: Example of Code Input Window used to assign codes to video instances Figure 2: Mural of student celebrating the school’s trilingual learning opportunities Figure 3: Life-sized mural of students signing at the water fountain Figure 4: Marina clarifying instructions for Miguel, Kristie, and a hearing classmate Figure 5: Camie looking back over her shoulder to view the map Figure 6: Laser beam on back of Camie’s hand Figure 7: Final position next to tall bookshelf (left) with laser beam on map (near Camie’s elbow) Figure 8: Camie making sure she is not blocking hearing students’ view of the board Figure 9: Camie leaning forward to see demonstration of a magma plume under oceanic plates Figure 10: Camie points to a location on the left as the teacher moves on and points the laser at a location on the right Figure 11: Camie looking at and touching the drawing of the magma chamber Figure 12: Camie incorporating teacher’s gestures to show change in slope Figure 13: Marina interpreting math questions for Miguel Figure 14: AJ clapping her hands in a silent cheer for Angelina Figure 15: AJ prompting Angelina to raise her hand if she knows the answer Figure 16: AJ signing one and a Figure 17: AJ emphasizing that beware ends with an e More Than Meets the Eye_FM.indd ix More Than Meets the Eye_FM.indd ix 11/10/13 7:42 AM 11/10/13 7:42 AM ...


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