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Contents Preface and Acknowledgments vii Part I Introduction, Review, and Summary 1 1 Atmospheric Environment in China: Introduction and Research Review 3 Chris P. Nielsen and Mun S. Ho 2 Summary: Sulfur Mandates and Carbon Taxes for 2006–2010 59 Chris P. Nielsen, Mun S. Ho, Yu Zhao, Yuxuan Wang, Yu Lei, and Jing Cao 3 Summary: Carbon Taxes for 2013–2020 103 Chris P. Nielsen, Mun S. Ho, Jing Cao, Yu Lei, Yuxuan Wang, and Yu Zhao Part II Studies of the Assessment 159 4 Primary Air Pollutant Emissions of Coal-Fired Power Plants in China 161 Yu Zhao 5 Primary Air Pollutants and CO2 Emissions from Cement Production in China 203 Yu Lei, Qiang Zhang, Chris P. Nielsen, and Kebin He 6 An Anthropogenic Emission Inventory of Primary Air Pollutants in China for 2005 and 2010 225 Yu Zhao, Wei Wei, and Yu Lei 7 Atmospheric Modeling of Pollutant Concentrations 263 Yuxuan Wang 8 Benefits to Human Health and Agricultural Productivity of Reduced Air Pollution 291 Yu Lei 9 The Economics of Environmental Policies in China 329 Jing Cao, Mun S. Ho, and Dale W. Jorgenson vi Contents Part III Appendixes 373 Appendix A Economic-Environmental Model of China 375 Jing Cao, Mun S. Ho, and Dale W. Jorgenson Appendix B The Valuation of Health Damages 393 Yu Lei and Mun S. Ho Appendix C New Assumptions and Methods for the 2013–2020 Policy Cases 403 Yu Zhao, Yuxuan Wang, Yu Lei, and Chris P. Nielsen Contributors 407 Index 409 ...


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