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v Contents List of Figures vii List of Tables xiii Acknowledgments xv 1 Geography, Religion, and Society in Ireland: A Spatial History 1 2 The Plantations: Sowing the Seeds of Ireland’s Religious Geographies 11 3 Religion and Society in Pre-­ Famine Ireland 22 4 The Famine and Its Impacts, 1840s to 1860s 36 5 Toward Partition, 1860s to 1910s 60 6 Partition and Civil War, 1911 to 1926 83 7 Division and Continuity, 1920s to 1960s 107 8 Toward the Celtic Tiger: The Republic, 1961 to 2002 137 9 Stagnation and Segregation: North­ ern Ireland, 1971 to 2001 165 10 Communal Conflict and Death in North­ ern Ireland, 1969 to 2001 182 11 Belfast through the Troubles: Socioeconomic Change, Segregation, and Violence 201 12 Conclusions: Ireland’s Religious Geographies— Stability or Change? 221 Notes on Methods and Literature: From His­ tori­ cal GIS Databases to Narrative Histories 229 Notes 235 Index 242 C This page intentionally left blank ...


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