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C o n t e n t s· Acknowledgments ix· Abbreviations: Works by Abraham Joshua Heschel xiii Introduction 1 1 Wonder, Intuition, and the Path to God 28 2 Theological Method and Religious Anthropology: Heschel among the Christians 72 3 Revelation and Co-­Revelation 94 4 The Pathos of the Self-­Transcendent God 135 5 “Awake, Why Sleepest Thou, O Lord?”: Divine Silence and Human Protest in Heschel’s Writings 174 6 The Self That Transcends Itself: Heschel on Prayer 198 7 Enabling Immanence: Prayer in a Time of Divine Hiddenness 218 Conclusion 229· Notes 235· Bibliography 313· Index 327 This page intentionally left blank ...


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