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240 27 Revenues from Land Sales Should First Be Used to Relocate Displaced Households1 June 4, 1994 [He] Chunlin2 (please forward to Hou Jie): Urban demolition should be carried out under a plan, in stages, and according to capacities. Right now some cities are disregarding consequences, selling large amounts of land, and carrying out large-scale demolitions. They don’t care about the people displaced by the demolitions, and if this continues, it will affect social stability. A notice should be jointly issued by the departments concerned urging the locals to take note. The income from land sales should first be used to relocate displaced households. The state cannot be responsible for bearing this burden. Please give this some thought. Zhu Rongji June 4 1. On June 3, 1994, Hou Jie, Minister of Construction, sent a report titled “An Urgent Report Requesting Dedicated Funds for Relocation Housing in Urban Demolitions” to Zhu Rongji. It reported a sharp increase in urban renewals all across the country and a severe shortage of transitional housing during demolitions. The report expressed the hope that the People’s Bank of China would arrange for a dedicated fund of RMB 500 million for relocation housing in 10 cities—including Shenyang, Harbin, and Shanghai—where the problem was particularly pronounced. These were Zhu Rongji’s remarks on the report. 2. He Chunlin was then Deputy Secretary General of the State Council. ...


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